Whitewater Rafting in Maryland

Our latest addition to the adventure center includes a jumping pillow. Part bouncy house, part trampoline, and all fun – we dare you to take a turn on this giant pillow without laughing. This amazing inflatable pillow allows multiple kids to jump at one time since the pillow is nearly 60 feet long. Unlike traditional trampolines, the edges of the jumping pillow gently slope down. This gentle slope eliminates the risk of injury from falling off edges, making this an exhilarating activity for kids both tall and small.

Bouncing is a great way to burn off energy. Besides being tons of fun, bouncing has multiple health benefits. Your children can get an amazing workout while having a blast. Some of the benefits of bouncing and jumping include:

  • Stimulated metabolism
  • Increased oxygen capacity
  • Better balance
  • Improved circulation
  • Heart strengthening cardio
  • Toned and tightened muscles

Join in the fun by bouncing to the top of this giant inflatable attraction. Originally developed in Denmark 25 years ago. Now jumping pillows can be found in the US, New Zealand, Canada, and Africa. Blower systems inflate the pillow and keep the surface springy, so you are literally bouncing on air. The best part about these pillows is that they are super strong. Kids and adults can jump together all day long, allowing for fun for the whole family as a group!

Come spend the day doing multiple activities or just sit back and relax while the kids play. Our price includes an all day pass. This is great for private parties, groups, or special events.

Try other activities while white water rafting in Maryland

For those seeking even more of an adrenaline fix, you can explore the many options offered by the top outfitter in the area, including: Zip lining and kayaking.

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Offering top-of-the line services, guides, and tours, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is an outdoor company serving the tri-state area. Whether white water rafting in Maryland, horseback riding, or Ziplining through West Virginia, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center has you covered from start to finish. All levels of adventurers are encouraged to spend time exploring the natural beauty of the area while white water rafting in Maryland with the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center.