Traveling with Kids

Because traveling with kids of any age can be stressful, it is important to plan a vacation that eliminates those worries. For families with kids that are both young and older it is best to choose a destination that has activities and fun for all ages. Here’s how to make your next vacation a memory of a lifetime and why you should visit Harpers Ferry Adventure Center.

Tips for the Next Family Vacation

  1. Involve the KidsInstead of just making a decision between the parents about where to vacation, present a list of possible destinations to your children and ask them for their input. Because the list can be created beforehand, you’ll still control the ultimate destination; however, your kids will get a say in what to do.
  2. Plan Kid-Friendly ActivitiesBecause no child wants to spend their vacation doing adult activities, be sure that the destination has activities for kids. Access to water for swimming, trails for hiking and other similar outdoor activities can be a great way to keep your children entertained throughout the vacation.

  • Why Harpers Ferry Adventure Center

    For the ultimate vacation, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center offers family themed trips that include a variety of activities from river rafting to kayaking to zip-lining and much, much more. Conveniently located within an hour of Washington, DC and Baltimore, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center is a family-owned and operated business that has been planning and leading adventures of a lifetime since 1992. With vacations that can be catered to your family’s needs, Harpers Ferry Adventure Center has a detailed, knowledgeable and professional staff of river guides that will make the trip memorable.