What’s a Ropes Course?

Learn About our Aerial Ropes Course

A ropes course, also called an aerial adventure park or a high-ropes course, is a series of challenging obstacles that you cross one by one in order to make it to the next challenge and move on up to the next level.

You can challenge yourself on all three levels, or if you prefer, you can do just the first and second level. Regardless of how far you go, you’ll experience fun as you conquer your fears and overcome challenges that you might not normally experience.

Fun for Kids as Well

The first level of our ropes course is available for kids 5 through 12 years old who are at least 36” tall. The middle and upper levels are open to those 10 and older who are at least 48” tall. As with all ropes course participants, our staff are present to monitor them.

Great Location

The Aerial Adventure Park is located at HFAC, next to the beautiful Potomac & Shenandoah rivers, and easily accessible from the DC/Northern Virginia/Maryland region as well as West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Just an hour from the Washington DC Beltway.

Safety First

Ropes course guests are attached to our Continuous Belay safety system, which prevents accidental disconnects. Getting unclipped from the safety system requires a special tool carried by our guides at all times.

Check out the challenges in each level below, and

Level 1 of our Aerial Ropes Course

The first level of challenges is 15 feet above the ground.
Kids 5 through 12 years old who are at least 36” tall are allowed on the first level. Levels 2 and 3 are open to
those 10 and older who are at least 48” tall.
On Level 1, visitors experience their first set of challenges, including:


Practice Eye and Foot Coordination
To start, you’ll be walking on a bridge made of boards about 1 foot wide with nothing to hold onto (but you’ll be secured from above, so you don’t need to worry if you lose your balance!)


Challenge your Balance
This element of the ropes course is made of a series of wooden steps placed close and far apart, diagonal and parallel, to test your ability to overcome fear while trying to balance and take that next step.


Brainstorm Your Way Through
Don’t let the name fool you. This element is one of the toughest on the 1st level. It will get you warmed up for level 2 by challenging all of your upper and lower body muscles. This element is made up of a series of wooden swings placed horizontally in front of one another.


Find the Balance Point
This element is made up of wooden posts placed horizontal side to side with vertical slack ropes running up. You are challenged to find the balance point on the wooden post and hold that position while moving one foot at a time to the next piece of wood and finding the next balance point.


Test Your Flexibility
Tube crawl is designed for kids, but don’t let that fool you… we have witnessed many adults navigate their way through this big tube suspended into the air. The element starts off by climbing up a netted bridge into the tube, where you’ll be challenged by either pulling or crawling your way through.


It’ll Try to Trick You
Finally you have reached the last element of level 1. This log suspended in the air will try and trick you into losing balance as it swings forward and backwards until you have successfully reached the end of level 1.