From Butts Tubes to today’s
sprawling adventure center

The Harpers Ferry Adventure Center began in 1992 when Dewey Heffner and his son, George “JR” Heffner, began selling black tire tubes out of the back of a truck. They called their roadside venture Butts Tubes.

Butts Tubes, Inc. was incorporated in 1996 and added rafting trips on the Potomac River as well as canoe and inflatable kayak rentals in 1997. A license to run commercial rafting trips on the Shenandoah River was acquired in October 2005, and Butts Tubes, Inc. became BTI whitewater.

Today, under the continued ownership of the Heffner family (now managed by George, his sister, Kim, and his wife, Holly), Harpers Ferry Adventure Center maintains its focus on safety, exceptional customer service, affordability and ongoing advancements to ensure a memory-filled experience for all guests.

The Tube Shuttle truck