The Highest Ropes Course Level

Third Level Ropes Course Elements

The third level of challenges is about 45 feet high
Level 3 is open to those 10 and older who are at least 48” tall.
On Level 3, visitors experience their last set of challenges, including:


Challenge Your Balance and Upper Body Strength
You’ll be strategizing about how to maintain your best foot placement as you make your way across this element. Your upper body strength will be tested while you maintain your balance.


It Swings Different Directions
You’ll overcome fear with this challenge to maintaining your balance. You’ll find the log swinging forward and backward and side to side while you make your way to the next challenge.


Build Confidence with our Toughest Challenge
This element uses tires that dangle from wires above. They swing side to side, forward and backward, AND spin 360 degrees. The challenge is to get one foot in the tire and keep your momentum going as you swing and lunge to the next tire.


Balance while you Leap
Challenge your balance on logs that hang vertically and swing side to side as you try to find the balance point and leap from one to another. This obstacle challenges your lower body balance and strategic foot placement.


Logs Spin on a Tightrope
This element all the challenges of the log steps, but with one twist: instead of swinging, the logs spin. Your balance will be tested as you try to avoid letting them spin you off at each step while you try to stay on course toward the other side.


Get your Adrenaline Pumping
This element tests your upper body with at the same time as challenging your fear. You’ll dangle at 45 feet in the air while you swing from one bar to the next. And just when thought it was your typical playground monkey bar set… we took the last bar out, to really make you leap for the platform.


Hand and Foot Coordination
This element is similar to the Boardwalk, but with a twist. The boards zig and zag, trying to throw you off your balance. You’ll face a hand to foot coordination challenge as you carefully place on foot in front of the other and try to remain balanced as you traverse the length of the element.


One More Challenge of your Fears
This last element gets you back down from level 3 while testing your fear of heights and seriously testing your courage to jump off a 45 foot high platform. A portion of the jump is in freefall with a bunji, followed by a cautious rest of the trip downward using our Quick Jump system. Once you leap, you feel the relief of overcoming fear and gaining courage, and you’ll experience how great it can feel to get out of your comfort zone.