The Next Level of the Ropes Course

Second Level Ropes Course Elements

The second level of challenges is about 30 feet high
Level 2 is open to those 10 and older who are at least 48” tall.
On Level 2, visitors experience their next set of challenges, including:


Test your Upper & Lower Body Strength
This element is made entirely of net, stretching horizontally from one side to the other side. You’ll use your upper and lower body to climb from one side to the other. With some physical strength and courage, you’ll successfully climb across it to the next element.


Take the Initiative and Step Off the Platform
Our ropes course has three self-assisting ziplines that get you from one tower platform to the next. You’ll get to relax your hard-working muscles and experience a different type of excitement while on the course.


Concentrate on Your Footing
The Earthquake Bridge is a series of wooden planks suspended by cables. The planks move in a way that challenges your concentration and footwork while you maintain balance.


Even More Strategic Footing
This element is made entirely of rope. As you make your way across, the net closes in on you, providing a mental and physical challenge and a test of perseverance. To successfully cross this element, you’ll need to use your arms to push the sides of the net while you put your feet in strategic places to move ahead.


Challenge Hands & Feet at the Same Time
This element tests your critical thinking while you strategize on how to best place your hands and feet at the same time. You’ll need to figure out how to grab ahold of the 8-foot long vertical pipes to swing across, while balancing your footing on a tightrope.


A Tightrope Walking Challenge
The Burma Bridge is a tightrope with ropes on each side. The ropes add the challenge of coordinating your steps across this element, one foot in front of the other.


Get the Courage to Jump!
After climbing through all the elements of level 2, we offer two ways to go back down. If you feel cautious, you can use the easy staple climb to get down, but the fun, adrenaline-pumping way down is to show off your courage and jump into the air. You’ll be attached to our auto-belay free fall device, also known as a Quick Jump.