Preparing for Flat Water Tubing

Preparing For Your Flat Water Tubing Trip

Check- In
Prior to their trip guests are asked to fill out their electronic waivers. Guests will then arrive at the HFAC property in Purcellville, VA approximately 30 minutes prior to their trip and check in at the reservation building. Ice, drinks and snacks are available for purchase on site.

It is recommended guests wear swimsuits and water shoes or something equivalent for the activity. Footwear with a strap around the ankle is required; guests without appropriate footwear will not be permitted on the trip. HFAC sells water shoes and straps for glasses (chums) on site.

After check in guests are asked to leave everything they will not be taking onto the river with them in one of the on-site lockers or in their vehicles. Guests may bring their own locks for lockers or purchase them on-site. HFAC has a complimentary key check and guests are HIGHLY encouraged to NOT take car keys onto the river. Everything you bring on the shuttle will go with you onto the river, will get wet and has the potential of getting lost. HFAC is not responsible for anything that is lost on the river so please leave items like jewelry behind.

Guests will then bring themselves and their coolers to the staging area where they will wait for the next shuttle. Guests are asked to arrive in the staging area at least 15 minutes prior to the shuttle departure time. Shuttles will not wait for guests. Anyone who misses their shuttle time will have to wait until the next shuttle departure. Guests will then be outfitted with their tubes and PFDs and board a shuttle to Millville, WV. Shuttle drivers will explain to guests where to get in and out of the river after the trip. Once the adventure is finished guests will exit the river and wait for the shuttle to pick them up. Guests then have the choice to ride the shuttle back to the put in and do the trip again (time permitting) or ride the shuttle back to the outfitter where they are welcomed to use HFAC’s hot showers and changing rooms. Once guests arrive back to the outfitter they will not be permitted to go back out to the river.

After your trip you will receive a post-travel survey via email; guests are encouraged to fill out the survey about their experience to help us continue providing what you enjoyed on the trip and address any recommendations you may have.

Give us a call at (540) 668-9007 or email us if you have any questions. Or click here to start your booking.