Outdoor Weddings at Harpers Ferry

Beautiful scenery and adventure

Closer to nature, the sweet smells and beautiful view of an outdoor wedding is something indoor venues can’t compete with. You will be able to decorate the area and let nature fill in all the extra spaces. With beautiful sunshine, you photos of the day will be filled with bright memories and glorious captures. Many adventurous couples desire an outdoor wedding, feeling restricted and confined in an indoor space.

The Thrill of the Moment

Whether you are choosing to make a very special proposal, or celebrating the most important day of your life, Harper Ferry Adventure Center is dedicated to making your day beautiful and exhilarating. We are more than just a beautiful location with rustic cabins and adventure around every turn; we offer rafting, river activities, hiking, zip line tours, kayaking, fishing and more, keeping you on the tip of your toes with each new experience.

Wedding Packages

We offer adventure and excitement, as well as lodging, for you and your wedding party. Choose from our single day or multi-day wedding packages for you and your guests. Our Adventure Honeymoon package includes a romantic cabin on the mountain top, a bottle of champagne or sparkling cider and a chance to experience the thrill of whitewater rafting or zip lining.

Guests Will Thank You

A destination wedding offers a new location for both you and your guests. Allow yourself the chance to really get away from it all and experience something new at Harpers Ferry Adventure Center. Your guests will thank you for bringing them to an exciting place when you choose us for your outdoor wedding venue in West Virginia instead of a traditional, stuffy ballroom. Let your guests explore the river and mountainside when they aren’t a part of your celebrations — let your guests take a vacation too. Your day will be packed full of fun and memories and those around you will have something to remember for years to come.

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